Prepping for the Next Mission: 02/07/2023

Our latest update:

We will be leaving for Ukraine on 2nd July 2023. Time and place not finalised yet.

Today was Stuart’s Birthday and we have spent the day with members of Hull4Ukraine sorting packing and stacking all the donated products of which the majority will go over on a lorry on Monday, (more cost effective).

The rest for Sister Julie will go with us in vans on 2nd July.

Here are a few pictures of today.

It was great to be part of.

We collected 2 van loads of aid from Hull, then to Campeys of Selby for another 6 pallets.
Finally, emptying two 20 foot containers with aid that we had already collected and taking it to a yard in Heck near Snaith where it was split down and restacked.

10 members of Hull4Ukraine came across to help and six hours later it is ready for a lorry from Poland to collect on Monday.

We will update you as soon as possible.

Thanks again for all your support.

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